We are now open Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We are also helping our customers feel safer opening by APPOINTMENT. Click this bar for more details.

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We are now open this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Our shops shall also be open by appointment.

To book an appointment please call 01603 767946, 01603 622845 or email us on our form below.

 Times are available on Mondays through to Saturdays.


Gallyons Country Clothing

7 Bedford Street,




Tel: 01603 622845

Opening Hours:

Monday - By appointment

Tuesday - By appointment

Wednesday - By appointment

Thursday - 10am - 3pm (also accepting appointments)

Friday - 10am - 3pm (also accepting appointments)

Saturday - 10am - 3pm (also accepting appointments)

Sunday - Closed



Gallyons Country Lifestyle Clothing

11 Red Lion Street,




Tel: 01603 767946

Opening Hours:

Monday - Closed 

Tuesday - Closed 

Wednesday - Closed

Thursday - Closed

Friday - Closed

Saturday - Closed 

Sunday - Closed



Please email or call if you're looking to book an appointment to see us. Otherwise feel free to email us with all other enquiries!
We aim to reply within 1-3 working days